michelleceja.com | info.michelleceja@gmail.com
1988, Born in Los Angeles, California
lives and works in Brooklyn, New York


2006 - 2010 Bachelor of Fine Arts - Individualized Major, California College of the Arts - San Francisco


2010 M O M E N T U M , Important Projects, Oakland, California

2010 Too Real, California College of the Arts, San Francisco



2012 A La Fortune Du Pot, Racebrook lodge, Massachusetts

2012 After_Duccio, Ventenna244, New York

2011 Is This Thing On?, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati

2011 WET CODE, Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery, New York

2011 A 21ST CENTURY IDEA OF UNHAPPINESS, Preteen Gallery, Mexico City

2011 Origins, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago

2011 Stone Sky Over Thingworld, Bitforms Gallery, New York

2010 B.Y.O.B, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York

2010 A Diamond Is Forever, Extra Extra, Philadelphia

2010 Refresh, Axiom Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts

2010 Area/ Zone, Bruce High Quality Foundation University, New York

2010 R E M E M E B E R 2 0 1 0 ?, online Exhibition

2010 CHILLERS IN PARADISE, Jstchillin.org, online exhibition

2010 Avatar 4D, Noma Gallery, San Francisco, California

2010 Sculpture Storage, LaMaMa Gallery, New York

2010 Ride Together, California College of the Arts, San Francisco

2009 The Mashup Show, Noma Gallery, San Francisco

2009 My Biennial Is Better Than Yours (mybiennialisbetterthanyours.com) 10th Lyon Biennale, France

2009 No Hay Banda, Reference Gallery, Richmond, Virginia

2009 The Pleasure Is Mine, Spacekraft Pompadour, Paris, France

2009 Shelfless, The San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco, California

2008 Banal Strangeness, Kunst Haus Gallery, San Francisco, California